Meso Re-Vitalize

Meso RE-Vitalize concept allows for the introduction of active substances into the deeper skin layers, precisely where they they can be most beneficial.

The Re-Vitalize process causes active substances to stimulate cell metabolism in a more intensive manner and force the regeneration process more effectively.

The Meso Re-Vital technique introduces micro-punctures into the epidermis to enhance the transmission of substances into the skin.

The plate of micro needles is convex and flexible, meaning its surface adjusts to the shape of the treated sites and easily gets to areas which are normally difficult to reach.

The Meso Re-Vitalize therapy is extremely versatile and treatments can be offered for several areas:

• The face
• The neck
• The neckline
• The back of the hand
• Stretch marks and scars


There are 3 options in the Meso Re-Vitalize system:

• Rejuvenation Effect Med (Hyaluronic acid, peptides) Stimulates collagen and elastin
• Refreshing Effect Fresh (Vitamins, Q10 and amino acids) Stimulates intense skin regeneration
• Regeneration Effect Pure (Yam root extract, soy extract, amino acids) Stimulates regeneration of tired, dull and dehydrated skin visibly lightens the skin tone


Full Face & Neck - £80.00 per treatment

Full Face - £60.00 per treatment

2 areas only (forehead, eyes, cheeks, lip, chin) - £40.00

Hands - £30.00


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